Community Standards

KalNorth Gold Mines Limited understands that the development of successful resource projects demands a proactive recognition of the breadth of stakeholder interest in these projects.

The Company is committed to the protection of the environment and to ensure the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors and communities where it operates and in all its business activities.

The Company is dedicated to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to work with government and other stakeholders in policy development and implementation.

Traditional Owners

KalNorth Gold Mines has actively engaged the assistance of traditional owners, the Central East Native Title Group and their representatives, the Goldfields Land and Sea Council. Specific Project Agreements and Cultural Heritage Management Plans have been developed in consultation with the Central East Group and are being implemented as the Company’s projects proceed through the various stages of exploration, development and production.

An extensive Cultural Heritage Management Plan is being implemented in consultation with the traditional owners as the Company’s various projects proceed through the development phase and ultimately toward production.

KalNorth Gold Mines commits to ongoing communication and consultation with traditional owners in all areas where it operates.


KalNorth Gold Mines has a commitment to work constructively and proactively with landholders. The pastoralists in our operational areas typically have a long history of involvement with their properties and its agriculture, with operations focused on cattle and sandalwood.

The Company’s aim is to minimise the impact on their livelihood and lifestyle.

KalNorth Gold Mines will continue to conduct its operations with the intention of developing long and collaborative relationships with landholders.

Health and Safety

KalNorth Gold Mines undertakes its operations with the philosophy that occupational health and safety is paramount. The Company aims to continually improve its processes and performances.

Promoting and ensuring a culture in which all employees and contractors fulfil their individual responsibilities in implementing the Health and Safety policy and meeting the regulatory standards remains a key focus.